Why Should You Use Facial Toner?

Toner is an integral part of the regular skin care ritual in between cleaning and moisturizing. Whether you’re working or a stay-at-home mom, applying facial toner should be a part of your regular skincare activity to balance the tenderness of your facial skin. According to the dermatologists and skincare experts, using organic products or mineral based facial products tend to cause less harm to the facial skin. So, while choosing the product, make sure about the ingredients used in preparing the toner.

Here, some reasons are explained for why you should use toner—

It’s mandatory after cleaning

Toning your face is necessary after scrubbing your face or after a facial. During the scrubbing and cleaning process, the facial pores open up to remove the dirt. But soon after that, it’s essential to apply the toner for closing the facial pores for not allowing more dirt to get into the skin. Toners are usually light lotions, sometimes manufactured in the form of serum. The reputed brands use minimum chemicals in making the product and add more natural ingredients for enhancing the tenderness of the facial skin.

Restores the pH balance of skin

The use of soap and any other cleansing product on your facial skin often jeopardize the pH balance of the skin. The skin has to work overtime in getting back the normal rhythm of pH balance it requires. The toner helps in balancing the pH level of the skin. So, soon after cleaning your face, don’t forget to apply toner to help your facial skin in retaining the pH level.

Heals the skin after makeup

Those who apply a high amount of facial makeup daily shouldn’t miss out any of the skincare rituals. After cleaning, you should tone and then apply moisturizer. Toner heals the facial skin that was somehow tortured by the several layers of makeup quotes.

According to many skin and beauty experts, you should also tone your face twice daily if you regularly apply sunscreen. The chemicals in the products also cause immense harm to the skin while protecting it from the UV rays of the sun.

Revitalizes the skin

Toner helps in revitalizing the facial skin. You’ll get rid of dull and dry skin after you start using toner along with a moisturizer that help immensely in rejuvenating the body as well as skin muscles by reaching to the deepest pores of the skin.

These are reasons why you should tone your facial skin.

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